Baby Shower Games

Celebrate your momentous occasion with our specially curated baby shower games collection. Your family and friends can enjoy moments of laughter and good-natured competition with the following baby shower games:

  • Animal Match Up: Find the most correct matches between animals and their corresponding babies to win this part of the baby shower competition. Bonus: look up pictures of these cute baby animals for some “awws!”
  • Babies Around the World: Think you know your languages? Figure out which translations of the word “baby” match with their corresponding language. You may even learn a few new words!
  • Candy Bar Match Up: How big is your sweet tooth? This new take on candy bars matches common candy names with baby related phrases. Those who love puns will get a kick out of this game!
  • What’s Mommy Thinking: Mommy goes first in this game. Your baby shower guests will be scrambling to read Mommy’s mind and guess her answers to these baby-themed fill-in-the-blanks. The person with the most answers the same as Mommy’s is the winner of this game.
  • Would She Rather: Test your knowledge of the mommy-to-be with this game of choice. The baby shower guest who knows what Mommy would like best will be proclaimed the winner of this round.

All of our games in this collection are easily accessible with printable PDFs, making your baby shower hassle-free. So, relax and enjoy your celebration with these party games!